About ACAIED Nepal

Academy of Innovation for Economic Development Nepal (ACAIED) Nepal was established in 2020 under the company act 2063 of Nepal Government with the mission to contribute to economic development of the nation through research, innovation, skill development and knowledge dissemination. We make our sincere efforts to achieve the following objectives.

  1. Generate innovative ideas to make drastic change in the society.
  2. Carry out intensive research on health, education, agriculture, environment, tourism, transportation and climate change to support for economic development.
  3. Conduct need based skill development training programs, seminar and workshop to enhance skill development and employment creation.
  4. Approach and prepare high-level human capital resource from Nepali diasporas and collect innovative ideas from them. Then make program to utilize their knowledge for nation-building activities.
  5. Monitor, evaluate and survey the ongoing development projects and recommend government authority for policy reform.
  6. Research and conduct campaign for corruption control and good governance.


We envision a prosperous and self sustained society.


Our mission is to create a strong socio-economic foundation for sustainable and self -reliant economy through innovative ideas. We gear up our think tank to pick up problems of our societies, conduct research and provide practical suggestions based on research findings.


To mobilize knowledge and resources to make strong socioeconomic foundations through the means of research and innovation, skill development and knowledge dissemination.