ACAIED Nepal consists of the following entities.

1. The Board:

The regulating body of the organization is the Board, consisting of four members.

Chairman : Prof. Dr. Jib Nath Dhital

Member : Ganga Bahadur Thapa

Member : Chet Narayan Acharya

Member : Bhim Panta

Member : Laxmi Bhandari

2. Office Management:

Office Management consists of a team of office staff as well as founding members. The role of office management is to develop the programs and coordinate with relevant department for the implementation of programs.  

3. Departments:

There are 8 departments under the institution. The faculty members of each department form a team involving globally. The team manage the projects under their department. We are working in the following departments. 

Department Planning, Management and Development
Department of Communication and International Relation 
Department of Agriculture, Health and Environment
Department of Financial Sector Development
Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism
Department of Education, Science and Technology
Department of Social Welfare and Interdisciplinary Studies

4. Advisory Council:

This is a high-level team from which the organization gets suggestions for developing programs.

5. Honorary Members:

We provide ACAIED-Honorary Award to those who introduce innovative ideas, promote innovation or have significant contributions to the economic development of the nation. We award ACAIED-honoured members on a continuous basis. Please stay connected with our experts. 

5. Collaborative Partners:

On the journey of research, innovation and economic development, we make partnerships with national and international organizations such as research institutions, media, financial institutions, corporate offices and international organizations. They are also part of our program implementation body.=====Pr