Thematic Research Areas

Innovation & Development

Globalization has made the world more competitive so that innovation is the best way to effectively penetrate the market. Hence, our research focuses on innovation in production, technology, and services.

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Entrepreneurship & Employment

Unemployment has been the major problem of Nepal. Outbreak of COVID-19 has escalated the unemployment all over the world. Entrepreneurship is only the solution to downsize unemployment. 

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Agricultural Transformation

Nepalese economy relies heavily on agricultural sector to generate income but it is in subsistence level. It is obvious that agriculture is not productive enough to accelerate growth. 

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Natural Resource Utilization 

Use of natural resources like forest, land, water and minerals would build up strong economic foundation, generating revenue. As Nepal has huge green energy potential would lead to higher…

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Rural Development and Urban Management

Many rural centers of Nepal are gradually moving towards urbanization. But the urban sector falls shorts of standard facilities. Life of existing major cities in Nepal…

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Public Service  Quality  and Good governance

Public service in Nepal needs urgent improvement to get better performance. Delay in time, unnecessary documentation, poor corporate governance…

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Work with Us

Join our Research Partnership Program

We invite all interested international organizations to work jointly in  common areas of research. For this we have opened partnership call for foreign parties. Foreign research institutes, universities or any non-governmental organizations can join with us.  We help such parties by providing Nepal center as their working hub and also provide technical assistance in research and innovation activities. ACAIED Nepal is also ready to join in ongoing projects conducted by its partners. This is the best opportunity for any international organization to globalize their network. Please leave a short email to us to be a of ACAIED Nepal.

Meet Our Expert Team

Be our Resource Person and contribute to the nation

Since we are in the journey of nation-building, various types of expert services and financial resources are frequently needed for us. We respect your expertise and commit to deliver to those who really need it. Please contact us with your CV if you wish to be a part of ACAIED.  Research Team

Activities of ACAIED Team Members

ACAIED Nepal Conducted Report Writing Training on October 15, 2020 
ACAIED submitted policy recommendations to FY 2020/2021 Budget: 
ACAIED member Jeeban Amgain Published an article regarding the budget speech of FY 2020/2021: 
ACAIED member Durga Tapa Published an article on Agricultural Revolution: The need of the Era 

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