Department of Agriculture, Health and Environment

Coordinator :


Chet Narayan Acharya

Chola Kanta(CK) Khanal, Raj Kumar Thapa

The Agriculture, Human Health and World Environment are correlated with each other because agricultural products maintain human health and agriculture practice create the huge impact in the environment. The Department of Agriculture, Health and Environment is established as the most important key branch of ACIED Nepal to identify problem of youths and real farmers then train them and provide self employment skills to all. Coordination with Government’s responsible structure and study of Agriculture, Health and Environment policies plan and implementing strategy and give appropriate feedback for positive change in Nepalese economy. Its important role is compliment or supplement of succeed the Government plan in national level directly involved with responsible community and targeted groups. Nepal is a country with geographic diversities and climatic zone for agriculture prospective so there is a lot of opportunity for agricultural development and to create the employment for all. The developed countries in the world identified very modern technology and improved tools as needed for agriculture production practice. But we are still doing traditional and subsistence agriculture activities so ACIED Nepal wanted to introduce modern technology and tools as our context for rapid development of Agriculture, Health and Environment sector.

The institute has been continuously involved in providing consultancy service in preparing technical curriculum, making vocational training manual, preparing audio visual documentation and providing training and employment services including the result based short term training modality. 

Major Training Subjects are as below:

  • Agricultural farming system on fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes
  • Organic Farming – Organic Coffee cultivation, cheese processing, Nettle tea processing, Bee Farm, Pear/Peach/Plump farm, Apple Farm, Guava Farm, Citrus (Orange Lemon) farm, Cinnamon Farm, Cardamom Farm, Avocado Farm.
  • Tropical Fruits (Banana, Mango, Litchi) Farm
  • Vegetable farm including green house
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Animal and bird Farms (Poultry, pig, cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, fish etc.)

International Partnerships

Partnership with international organizations dedicated to research and development activities

Knowledge Sharing

Communicate with experts and make program to share and disseminate their knowledge