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ACAIED Nepal is pleased to offer following training programs: 1. Computer and IT 1.1 Graphic Designing 1.2 Website Development 1.3 Microsoft Excel Handling 1.4 Digital Marketing 2. Agriculture and Livestock 2.1 Mushroom Production and Kaushi Kheti 2.2 Goat and Local Chicken Farming 2.3 Kaliz and Battai Farming 2.4 High Value Herbal Plant Farming 3. Electronics…

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Innovative Concepts

Submit Your Idea and Get Funded

The main objective of this program is to generate ideas which are crucial to economic development of the nation. We bring all ideas received from individuals to the practical field for real implementation. ACAIED Nepal manages all the needed resources by which individuals get opportunity to implement their concepts. The detail framework about the program…

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Expert Service

Get Expert Services for your business

Get Expert’s Service from Us Individuals and organizations can not perform well due to human resource shortage, skill deficiency and expertise in work. In such context, ACAIED Nepal supports them either to build up their capacity for good performance or help them in their task, involving directly so that they can get benefit directly.  ACAIED…

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